What helped Christie Brinkley
to look half her age at 60 years old?

Christie Brinkley, one of America’s most successful models, has a lifelong passion for healthy living. Decades of her commitment to health and beauty brought impressive results.

Christie Brinkley in a swimsuit at age 60 (photo on the cover of February 2014 issue of People magazine)

Crossing over into her seventh decade

In 2012 at the age 59 (or maybe 58) Christie was named as one of the Celebuzz’s 101 Hot Bodies.

She turned 60 on February 2, 2013. The same month she appeared on the cover of the People magazine in a swimming suit (the picture on the left).

At 60 Christie still looks stunning and shockingly young. If you don’t know her you may easily think that she is in her early thirties or even younger. For comparison there is also a picture of Christie on the cover of Sports Illustrated taken in 1979. The two pictures do not differ much.


What are the keys to Christie’s everlasting youth?

At CleanseMasters we are always interested in looking into daily habits and behaviors of men and women who stay in a great shape in the later decades of their life. Since Christie Brinkley definitely belongs to this category of people, we decided to see what we can find out about her day to day lifestyle.

Unfortunately, unlike Jane Fonda who described her antiaging lifestyle in details in her book Prime Time (we have reviewed this book on our website earlier), Christie Brinkley didn’t write any recent books or articles on the topic of staying fit and beautiful as years go by.

We do not count “Christie Brinkley’s Outdoor Beauty and Fitness Book” that was published in 1983 for the reason that Christie wrote this book when she was in her late twenties – hardly the age when you can expect anyone to have a useful advice about overcoming challenges of aging.

The most up to date source of information about Christie’s antiaging secrets that we could find is an article in the same February 2014 issue of People magazine. The title of the article is “How does supermodel Christie Brinkley keep getting better with age? The mom of three reveals the keys to her timeless beauty”.

Here is what Christie shared with the People magazine shortly before her sixtieth birthday. We added a few comments and clarifications to the information presented in the article.

How she eats

Christie Brinkley stopped eating meat when she was 13 years old and now follows a mostly vegan diet.

She starts her day with coffee and coconut milk hazelnut creamer.

A bit later she continues with sheep’s milk yogurt with fruit, wheat germ, and Anutra.

Anutra is a brand of dietary supplements made of specially cultivated chia seeds high in omega 3, antioxidants, fiber, complete protein, and other phyto-nutrients. Anutra (whole grain or ground grain version) can be bought just about anywhere from Walmart to Amazon, but the cheapest prices you will find in Anutra’s own online store (use coupon code ANUTRA10% for additional 10% off).

Christie snacks on melon and walnuts. She also mentioned that she recently started drinking PurePrana, an energy drink with turmeric. The supermodel also drinks cold coconut water when she is craving something sweet.

Lunch is usually leftovers from dinner: beans and vegetables (so, as it sounds, lunch and dinner are the same).

How she exercises

Christie incorporates a lot of movement in her daily schedule. She may run or lift weights in addition to exercising on her TotalGym home gym machine for at least 10 minute every day.

Christie has been using a TotalGym home gym for many years. “I have never used anything that has been so effective so fast” she says about her experience. She is a spokesperson for TotalGym together with Chuck Norris and a couple of other celebrities. On the TotalGym website you can see a video where Christie demonstrates a Pilates-inspired workout which she has developed herself.

Besides the foundation made of daily TotalGym exercises, running and lifting weights Christie likes to add variety to her fitness routine. She mentioned doing SoulCycle classes or yoga as an example. She also dances (she credits her participation in Chicago on Broadway for her legs).

Christie multitasks to fit even more movement into her day. For example she does leg lifts when she brushes her teeth.

How she thinks

Christie says “I treat every day like I’m eating to fuel my body”. This attitude towards food is worth noting since it is very common for people who kept great bodies as they age.

In “Fit after 40” (a great book by Jon Benson and Tom Venuto, will be reviewed on CleanseMasters soon) 52 “ageless” men and women with beautiful physiques reveal their unique approaches to food, exercise, and mental discipline. Despite the uniqueness, there are several important traits that they all share and treating food as fuel is one of them.

Christie embraces change and understands that the human body is always work in progress. She admits that she sometimes gains extra weight like anyone else. Sometimes she eats a lot of pasta. But in this case she just starts exercising more and brings herself back in ideal shape.

Did Christie Brinkley have a plastic surgery?

This question seems to always come up when you talk about celebrities. Though many people are speculating that Christie Brinkley probably had one or more plastic surgeries, there is no evidence that we could find and no visible signs that she had any work done on her face or body.

When the question about plastic surgery came up in the interview with People magazine she said “I remember Oprah asking how I felt about plastic surgery when I was in my 40s and I said, ‘Never!’. Now at 60, I’d never say never.”

Christie also added “But I also think that there are so many other non-invasive choices that address sagging, wrinkling and discoloration. I go to my dermatologist about once a month and get special facials. I like modern technology stuff”.

In addition to monthly “modern technology” facials Christie exfoliates daily (she has been doing it since she read that the guys look five years younger because they shave).

Small tips…

The supermodel also shared some of her personal makeup tips that help create more youthful look: using powder blush on the cheeks followed by a shimmery cream and defining brows with a pencil and powder.

 …And her best beauty secret

Christie Brinkley believes that one of the best beauty secrets is to care about the world around you. She says “The word ‘involved’ has a lot to do with feeling young”.

Christie is sure that even when she will be very old, with gray hair and wrinkles, people will still say “There is just something youthful about her”.

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