Buy Vitamix 5200 / TNC – Free in home trial

What you need to know when buying Vitamix

• How to get a free 30-day no-risk in home trial & free shipping

Vitamix 5200 Risk Free TrialFor the free in home trial buy a Vitamix 5200 / Total Nutrition Center and put it to full use in your kitchen for 30 day. If you are not completely satisfied with your Vitamix machine by the end of the 30 day period from the date of the purchase then the company will take it back, refund the money you paid for the blender and pay for return shipping.  They will not refund the cost of original shipping (from Vitamix to your home), but here we can help.

As a CleanseMasters guest you are entitled to free standard shipping in US in Canada. Please use the free shipping coupon code 06-006249 when ordering your Vitamix machine online or on the phone. This coupon code will wave all shipping and handling fees which will make your 30-day in home trial absolutely free.

Even if you are not considering returning your new Vitamix machine in 30 days you can still use this coupon code to get free shipping in the US and Canada ($25 US/$35 CN).

• What is the difference between the Vitamix TNC and Vitamix 5200

Vitamix 5200 / Total Nutrition CenterSometimes people get confused when they see two different names used for what seems to be exactly the same blender.

There is no difference between the two except the branding (the name). The 5200 brand is used exclusively for the US market while TNC (Total Nutrition Center) brand is used in Canada, Europe and the rest of the world. That means that whether you purchase a Vitamix Total Nutrition Center or a Vitamix 5200 you are getting all the same benefits of the world’s best home blender.

How to buy your Vitamix blender

Phone Vitamix

• Order over the phone

You can order your Vitamix machine by phoning the Vitamix toll-free number:

1-800-VITAMIX (1-800-848-2649)

Get FREE standard shipping in Canada and the US
with the Vitamix coupon code: 06-006249

Vitamix Website

• Order online from the Vitamix official website

To order online please go to the Vitamix Online Store. Here you will be able to select the Vitamix product that you want.

You will be asked to enter a promotional code during the checkout. If it hasn’t already been entered, please enter the promo code 06-006249 to receive free shipping in US in Canada, press “Apply” and then proceed with the checkout.

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