What is Isagenix?

There is a lot to say when you try to explain Isagenix. We will start with a short formal summary and then dive into all the interesting details for those who want to know more.

• Isagenix is a brand of wellness products and systems created and manufactured by Isagenix International LLC – a wellness company with the headquarters in Arizona, US.

• Isagenix motto “Solutions to Transform Lives” reflects the company’s approach to healthy living with its main focus on complete nutritional systems that can serve as a foundation of a healthy lifestyle.

• Isagenix systems target four important wellness aspects – energy, mental and physical performance, weight management, and healthy aging. Each system can be configured to address personal needs and fit individual lifestyles.

• Isagenix is a direct selling company. It sells its products through a network of independent distributors in many countries in North America, Asia Pacific, and Europe.

In the rest of this article you will find more information about Isagenix as a company, its products and business model, interesting facts and stories, as well as some rare materials. We aimed to create an in depth overview that would allow you to understand Isagenix in all its aspects.

The authors of this article have been Isagenix associates and product users since 2006 and had a chance to personally witness the Isagenix history including the early years and watch the evolution of the Isagenix product line.

Please note that information provided in this article comes from individual associates and should not be construed as a representation of the official opinion of Isagenix International LLC.

Isagenix products overview

Isagenix offers over 100 individual nutritional products, wellness systems, and skin care products. We will go over several of them focusing on those that are most “Isagenix-specific” and unique.

– 9 Day System

Isagenix famous 9 Day System (also known as 9 Day Cleansing and Fat Burning System or 9 Day Cleanse) was the first one of the Isagenix wellness systems. It appeared on the market in 2002 and created a splash in the weight loss industry. The system was easy to follow and produced fast and visual body transformations.

Early Isagenix followers created Weight Loss Hall of Fame – an online collection of pictures and stories about the results they achieved. Isagenix does not currently use these materials for promoting it’s products but it is still interesting to look at all the before and after pictures and read the stories.

The picture below is probably one of the most famous in the Isagenix Weight Loss Hall of Fame. Peter, who is posing on the three photos, and his wife Carol were considering joining Isagenix as independent associates at the time when the company just has been formed. They wanted to be sure that the products produce great results, so Peter decided to test the 9 Day System himself before offering it to someone else.

Before and after isagenix cleanse - peter's pictures

Peter did two 9 Day programs back to back. The second picture shows him after the first program and and the third picture was taken right after after he completed both 9 Day programs. The whole transformation took less than a month!

We’ve personally met Peter and Carol many years after these pictures were taken. Peter still looked great. He did not put any of the weight back, and he and Carol were still in love with Isagenix products.

Here we have to ask you to keep in mind that each person is unique, and not to take Peter’s picture as a guarantee that you will get the same results in the same time frame.

– 30 Day System

Isagenix 30 Day Cleansing and Fat Burning System (now called simply 30 Day System) was created several years later. It included some additional products that enhanced the experience on the program. It also addressed the issue of weight maintenance and habit forming. While it was not recommended to do more than two 9 day programs back to back, 30 Day program removed this limitation. Now those who aimed to lose could significant amounts of unhealthy fat could stay on the program until their goals were achieved.

When the first few people lost 100 pounds they were referred to as Isagenix 100 Pound Club. The number of 100 Pound Club members grew. Soon 200 Pound Club and later 300 Pound Club were formed. You can find these inspiring stories in Isagenix 100/200/300 Pounds Club” video below:

30 Day System is now the most popular Isagenix program. Those who are looking for a faster body transformation or for a deeper cleanse can still follow a 9 Day Cleanse protocol within the 30 Day System and use the rest of the products to stabilize the results. Those who have achieved their weight goals can use a version of 30 Day System to maintain the ideal weight.

– Isagenix Shakes

Isagenix Shake (IsaLean Shake) – an important component of both 9 Day and 30 Day Systems – quickly became a very popular product on its own. It is a complete low-glycemic meal replacement with 24 grams of quality protein, good fats, natural carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes.

The undenatured whey protein in Isagenix shakes is sourced from milk of cows that are pasture raised without routine antibiotics or hormones.

Over the years Isagenix put a lot of efforts into developing the unique ice cream-like taste of the shakes. There have been at least three significant taste adjustment since 2002. The final all-natural flavouring system of the Isagenix shakes has been created by a European trained gourmet chef and medical doctor – an expert flavour specialist from France.

Initially available only in chocolate and vanilla the shakes now come in more flavours. Isagenix also has a kosher shake and also a couple of vegan shake versions based on pea and rice protein.

Isagenix Shake is probably the most “addictive” (in a good way) Isagenix product. Many health-conscious people with busy lifestyles appreciate a daily shake as a delicious and nutritious breakfast that takes less than a couple of minutes to prepare.

The Company

Isagenix is a privately held company founded in 2002 by John Anderson (an experienced private-label supplement manufacturer and formulator), and a power couple Jim and Kathy Coover (both with decades of experience in direct selling industry). Later Jim’s and Kathy’s son Eric Coover joined the company as one of the owners and leaders.

The founders made an ambitious vision statement from the very beginning: “Isagenix vision is to impact world health and free people from physical and financial pain, and in the process, create the largest health and wellness company in the world”.

Since its inception Isagenix has experience consistent growth. The company made it to the Inc. 5000 list as one of the fastest growing privately help companies in US for 11 years in a row and is currently approaching 1 billion US dollars in annual sales.

Isagenix is currently open in US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Colombia, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Indonesia. The list of the countries keeps growing each year. In 2017 Isagenix reported having over 550,000 customers worldwide.

Isagenix World Headquarters

Isagenix World Headquarters housing R&D, product development, test labs, and corporate functions are located in Gilbert, Arizona. Tours of the facilities are offered every Friday at 11:30 am. Tours are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. There is no need to make an appointment to join a tour.

Isagenix distribution network

Isagenix is a direct selling company, i.e. it sells its products through its own network of distributors – independent Isagenix associates. Isagenix high quality products, fair and easy to understand pay plan, and company stability made joining Isagenix an attractive business opportunity for wellness enthusiasts as well as for many health, wellness, and fitness professionals.

Isagenix annual body transformation challenge

Each year Isagenix runs the IsaBody Challenge – a body transformation contest that showcases the power of Isagenix nutritional systems in combination with physical activity and healthy food.

The contest is designed to provide its participants with a clear action plan and help them to carry out the work required to build the body of their dreams. It is open to all Isagenix members – holders of Customer, Preferred Customer, or Associate accounts.

Here is a brief summary of how the IsaBody Challenge works.

Assuming you already have an Isagenix online account, you next steps would be as follows.

• Register for the challenge and make “before” pictures at the beginning of your chosen competition period. You can choose any 16 consecutive weeks at any time of the year.

• Follow one of the Isagenix wellness programs – usually the 30-Day System – to cleanse your body from impurities, provide it with extra nutrients, build lean muscle, and release fat.

• Take your “after” pictures at the end of the 16 weeks. You then would send Isagenix your before and after pictures and a brief essay describing how your body transformation has impacted your life.

Each year several finalists are selected by the Isagenix jury. The prizes are different in each country. US and Canada compete together for an impressive grand prize of $25,000.

IsaBody finalists 2017

IsaBody is very popular among Isagenix customers and associates alike. For anyone who is using the Isagenix products regularly registering for the challenge does not add much overhead other than taking a few pictures.

Over 91,000 people registered for the IsaBody Challenge in 2017. Over 35,000 have completed the challenge. If you are interested to look at the finalists, here they are.

IsaBody Finalists 2017
IsaBody Finalists 2017
IsaBody Finalists 2017

Where to buy Isagenix products

Isagenix offers its products exclusively through its own network of distributors. At CleanseMasters we are authorized to sell Isagenix products in all the countries where Isagenix is currently open, so you are welcome to place your order through our Isagenix Online Store.

Your order will be handled directly by Isagenix and you will receive Isagenix customer support, fast shipping from the closest warehouse with a tracking number, and the Isagenix 30 day money back guarantee.

Buy Isagenix products in the Isagenix Online Store

Please note that it is better to avoid buying Isagenix products on eBay, similar online auctions, or random websites that do not direct you to the Isagenix official online store. This way of selling is prohibited by Isagenix company policies and potentially can create problems for you, such as unexpected custom fees, delayed shipping, expired products, and loosing eligibility for the 30 day money back guarantee.

Still have some questions?

If you still have any questions about Isagenix please send us a note through the link below. One of our experienced Isagenix coaches would be happy to help.

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