Weight Loss Challenge

Weight Loss Challenge 2011 – 2012
A Chance To Win $120,000.00
And Create Your Best Body Ever

Congratulations – just by visiting this page you have already taken the first step to achieving your health and weight loss goals. On this page you will learn about an exciting way to lose weight, win money, and get into your best shape ever. Due to the tremendous success in the past this weight loss and body transformation challenge is being brough back for the 4th year in a row. Here are just some of the benefits you enjoy by participating:
Lose weight and improve your health – one of the biggest benefits to losing weight is improving your overall health and wellbeing.  Many who take part in this weight loss challenge not only reach their desired weight but also report an increase in energy, vitality and an enhanced enjoyment of life.
$120,000 Grand Prize – in addition to achieving your health and wellness goals, this weight loss challenge provides the opportunity to help you financially with a chance to win your share of over $200,000 with a grand prize of $120,000.
Inspiration and Motivation – The weight loss challenge is designed to help you carry out the work required to transform your body to your ideal self.  Having a program tailored to your lifestyle and being part of a community provides the motivation that is missing in many peoples health and weight loss strategy.
Community – Be part of an event with others that have similar goals and a desire for a better and healthier future for themselves and their families
Support – in addition to being part of the weight loss challenge community you also receive one-on-one support to help ensure you are moving towards your goals and achieving the health benefits you are looking for
Effective and Proven System – Your success is as easy as following a simple, proven weight loss system. This system has been used by thousands of others who started in the same place you are now and went on to shed pounds, boost energy, and improve their sense of well being.
Winning competition tips.  Just for requesting our information package below you will receive tips to give you a better chance of winning one of the cash prizes should you choose to enter the weight loss challenge.
Exclusive report: The missing link to lasting weight loss?  Our information package also includes this CleanseMasters exclusive report in which you will learn about a little known fact that can be interfering with your efforts to lose weight and keep it off.

To take the next step please enter your information in the following form. After pressing the ‘Send me the package’ button you will be given all the details about this weight loss and body transformation challenge. Today you have the chance to get on track and start losing weight and improving your health. Please enter your information here:

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