The world has changed – our bodies have not

For thousands of years humans lived in a world that more or less stayed the same. Over the centuries we learned more and more about the surrounding environment and how to protect ourselves from it. We learned how to deal with harmful weather elements, wild animals, famines, illnesses, even some natural disasters. All the accumulated knowledge and skills made life increasingly safer.

The average life expectancy kept increasing. By the middle of the last century continuing advances in medicine and science brought the hope that very soon we will gain full control of our health and longevity. Now it is becoming clear that these expectations were too optimistic. Things are turning out in a way that nobody could foresee.

New factors have come into play in the past several decades. The environment we live in has changed dramatically. It has become very different from what our bodies are used to. It has created health threats humankind has never experienced. Not all of these threats became obvious right away. We are only starting to realize the extent of the problem we got ourselves into. We are also starting to understand that to stay healthy in the 21st century we have to learn what has changed and how we can protect ourselves and our families.

Our indoor and outdoor living space has been flooded by artificially created substances our bodies have never met before – with many of them being debilitating for human health. Our food has been affected by modern agricultural technologies and become less suitable for sustaining our vitality. We are constantly exposed to man-made electromagnetic fields with characteristics very different from those found in the natural world. The pace of our life has accelerated dramatically putting huge demands on our psychology and physiology.

These changes, while having a tremendous negative impact on our health and wellness, often do not get the attention they deserve. The new enemies are invisible. If you don’t learn about them you are open to attack. Household cleaners that are harmful for human health disguise their poisonous nature behind pleasant artificial smells. Microwave radiation emitted by the base of your cordless phone is beyond the perception range of any of your senses. A nutritionally void tomato is still red and round and looks like a “real” one. The effects of chronic stress often can be recognized only when it is too late.

More and more research studies reveal the connection between the changes in different aspects of our living environment and growing numbers of various health problems. It is becoming obvious that at this point in history our built-in mechanisms of protection do not have enough capacity to shield us from all the negative influences we experience every day. Our bodies need help.

We have to make a conscious effort to protect ourselves and our families. Awareness is the first step, making the decision to take control of your health is the second one, and taking informed action is the third.

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