Product Reviews: Vitamix 5200 / Total Nutrition Center

Green Smoothie by VitamixImagine yourself…

  • starting your morning with a freshly made delicious green smoothie,
  • having a bowl of homemade vegetable soup with a couple of slices of homemade whole grain bread in the afternoon,
  • enjoying a homemade low fat blueberry ice cream as a mid afternoon snack, and
  • finishing the day with the wholesome version of your favorite food – freshly prepared, free of any artificial additives and full of vital nutrients.

For many of us who work, take care of our family, and juggle a dozen of other responsibilities and interests this picture is just plain unrealistic. Who has time to prepare all these meals? If you believe in natural wellness this picture also might make you feel a bit bitter – like you never have time to take care of yourself and your family the way you would like to.

Buy Vitamix NowBelieve it or not, there is no need to sacrifice the quality of your nutrition to your busy lifestyle. There is a solution and it is just one kitchen appliance away. Vitamix 5200 / Total Nutrition Center can make peace between your desire to give your body the best natural nutrition and your time limitations.

What is Vitamix 5200 / TNC?

Vitamix 5200 / Total Nutrition CenterVitamix (sometimes spelled Vita-Mix) is more than a blender, a mixer, a food processor or any other countertop kitchen appliance. It is indeed a total nutrition center. You put in raw food ingredients and take out delicious juices, soups,  dips, spreads, salsas, smoothies, frozen desserts, salad dressings, ready to bake batters, and more. You can actually switch most of your food preparation to Vitamix. And it takes minutes. Sometimes even seconds.

With Vitamix in your kitchen you can spend less time on making food than you currently do and enjoy the same benefits of fresh wholesome tasty foods as someone who spends several hours a day preparing healthy meals in a traditional way. But that is not all.

Taking advantage of hidden nutrients

Just being able to return to the healing and restorative power of fresh wholesome foods without spending extra time would be enough to explain why Vitamix machines are loved so much by health enthusiasts all over the world. But Vitamix gives you more. It gives you some extra benefits inaccessible through traditional healthy cooking.

Significant portion of precious plant nutrients that are in such deficit in modern diets is found in the peel, seeds and pulp – the parts that are usually get discarded. Some parts that are not discarded cannot be fully digested (a good example is tomato skin and seeds). As a result we can benefit only from a limited part from the full spectrum of nutritional elements present in a plant food.

Vitamix gives your body access to these additional nutritional elements. It’s cutting blades easily break through pulp, seeds and even cell walls unlocking the nutrients you body needs to create lasting health and vibrant energy.  Some of these nutrients (for example antioxidants contained in grape seeds) are usually available only through supplements created using special technological processes for nutrients extraction.

Expanding the horizons of healthy eating

Here are some examples of the new healthy eating and time saving possibilities Vitamix machine can bring to your kitchen.

  • You will be able to cook soups inside the blender!

This does not involve putting blender on the stove as you might have thought. The Vitamix blades rotate so fast that they create friction power enough to make a hot soup! You start with whole fresh vegetables (no peeling) and get a steaming hot hearty soup in about 4 minutes.

  • Making homemade low fat ice cream will take seconds.

If you find it hard to believe that you can cook hot soup with just blender blades you may also be surprised to hear that the same machine will make a homemade ice cream for you in under a minute. Vitamix blades crush and cut frozen fruit to create a larger frozen surface so the mix refreezes itself into a smooth soft-serve frozen dessert.

Vitamix machines are often demonstrated on food fairs and they never fail to surprise the audience with hot soup and frozen ice cream appearing from the same container.

  • The juices you make become more nutritious

Extra nutrition comes from the peel, skin, and seeds. You don’t need to throw them away anymore – Vitamix easily liquefies all part of fruits and vegetables and makes all the hidden nutrients easily available for your digestive system.

  • You’ll have a variety of healthy appetizers at your fingertips

Fresh salsas, dips, butters, hummus can be prepared in minutes. Besides health benefits they also taste much better than those you buy in a grocery store.

  • All your blending needs covered

Making rich creamy smoothies, mixing drinks, emulsifying salad dressing, creating milk substitutes, or blending batters  –  all are easy with Vitamix variable speed dial that gives you more control over the blending results.

  • Chopping fast

Vitamix is able to help you with chopping – course or fine – you control the results by adjusting the speed dial. You can actually chop a whole head of cabbage for slaw in seconds.

  • Baking homemade bread from scratch becomes simple

You can grind your own fresh whole flour from different kinds of grain and even beans, rice and soybeans – takes only about a minute. (Note that grinding requires a dry blade container that can be bought separately). Once the flour is ready you can add other ingredients and let Vitamix knead the dough for you.

This was just a brief overview of healthy eating possibilities Vitamix can create for you. With your Vitamix machine you get hundreds if not thousands of ready to use wholesome recipes. You can easily adapt existing recipes or start creating new ones. And let’s reiterate the best past again – you can create complete healthy meals in literally minutes.

If you embrace vegetarian or vegan lifestyle or are interested to incorporate more raw food in your diet (which we all should be doing) then, in our opinion, a machine like Vitamix 5200/TNC is a must.

In CleanseMasters list of time-efficient strategies for a complete wellness lifestyle using Vitamix on a daily basis is definitely in the top ten.

Free 30-day no-risk in home trial

Vitamix 5200 Risk Free TrialYou can get Vitamix shipped to your home and test all the tasty and easy wholesome food recipes it in your kitchen for 30 days. If for any reason you decide that this miracle of kitchen engineering and you are not a good match then Vitamix will take it back from you – they will refund you your whole purchase and also pay for the return shipping.

Where to buy Vitamix

You have two options when it comes to purchasing your Vitamix 5200 Total Nutrition Center:

Vitamix Website Order online from the Vitamix website
Phone Vitamix Order in person over the phone

Get FREE standard shipping with the
Vitamix coupon code: 06-006249

Use this Vitamix coupon code to get FREE standard shipping within the United States and Canada.

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Vitamix 5200 / TNCVitamix 5200 / TNCVitamix 5200 / TNCVitamix 5200 / TNCVitamix 5200 / TNC (4.5 / 5)

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