Product Reviews: Isagenix 9 Day Cleanse

Isagenix 9-Day Deep Cleansing and Fat Burning System (also called Isagenix 9-Day Cleanse or Isagenix 9-Day Program) may very well be the fastest yet safe and good for your body weight loss program in existence.

Though the benefits of the program go far beyond just the weight loss, it is often the fast body transformation that initially attracts many people to the Isagenix 9-Day Cleanse.

Got limited time to get into your best shape possible?

From time to time we all find ourselves in a situation where we have to look our best sometime very soon – for the upcoming party, school reunion, wedding, vacation, beach season, an important date, you name it.

Remember how it often happens?  You plan to spend a couple of months or even half a year watching your nutrition and frequenting a local gym but life gets in the way and you keep postponing all this  thinking that there is still enough time.

Chances are you will find yourself a couple of weeks before the big event, trip, etc. looking in the mirror and realizing that you are far from your best shape and have missed your chance to do something about it.

This is where Isagenix 9-Day Cleanse can come to the rescue.

In an unbelievably short period of just under two weeks Isagenix 9-Day Cleanse will not only shave off some or all excessive fat from your body contours, but, unlike many diets, it will most probably leave you feeling and looking better on many levels.

In addition to fat and inches loss many people report increased energy, improved muscle tone, fresher looking skin, reduced craving for unhealthy food, and other positive changes.

Isagenix 9-Day Program is able to deliver these extra benefits because it is not a diet – it’s a nutritional cleanse. It assists your body with removing impurities accumulated at the cellular level and infuses your newly cleansed cells with high quality nutrition aimed to support multiple aspects of optimal body functioning.

What is included in the 9-Day Program

Isagenix 9-Day Cleanse System includes the four formulations listed below.

1. Cleanse For Life

Over time, impurities from the environment, your food, and water build up and cause your body to function less efficiently dragging your energy and health down. Isagenix Cleanse for Life drink washes them away allowing the body to restore its optimal health*.

  • Gentle cleansing herbs such as Pau D’arco, Yellow Dock and Aloe Vera help rid the body of impurities
  • Burdok root promotes efficient cleansing by restoring liver function*
  • Fennel promotes the natural function of spleen, liver and kidneys*
  • Peppermint helps soothe digestive problems*
  • Aloe Vera promotes the natural repair of digestive tract issues*
  • Suma root helps protect the body and digestive system from stress*
  • Contains a proprietary blend of 70 ionic trace minerals

2. IsaLean Shake

IsaLean Shake is nutritional perfection in the form of a low calorie delicious meal replacement drink. Its unparalleled nutritional profile contains multiple nutrients essential for the healthy functioning of almost all body processes*:

  • The highest grade whey protein from the milk of cows raised on the pristine pastures of New Zealand, NEVER injected with hormones and steroids and fed on grass NEVER treated with chemical fertilizers. Our whey protein is cold processed to preserve the delicate amino acid structure.
  • Essential fatty acids and lecithin.
  • Low-glycemic healthy carbohydrates from organic beets, pears, and apples.
  • Dietary fiber which is often in such a deficit in our diets.
  • A comprehensive array of vitamins as well as 70 ionic trace minerals
  • A delivery system from a full set of digestive enzymes to guarantee that all included nutrients are not only consumed but also fully assimilated.
  • Beneficial probiotic cultures.

3. Natural Accelerator ™

Natural Accelerator helps balance blood sugar, reduce unhealthy appetite, and rev up your body’s natural fat burning ability with carefully selected natural thermogenic ingredients, such as cayenne, green tea, cinnamon, and ginseng making it easier to get rid of unnecessary fat deposits*. Isagenix formulas do not contain harmful stimulants such as Ephedra or Ma Huang.

4. Isagenix Snacks! ™

Nutritionally balanced chocolate and vanilla snacks are a combination of quality protein, carbohydrates and fat to help satisfy appetite and cravings. Each tasty chewable wafer is just 30 calories and has big flavor to help you feel satisfied longer.

Isagenix 9-Day Cleanse Schedule

Here is the schedule you will be following if you decide to go on the Isagenix 9 Day Deep Cleansing Program:

Days 1 and 2 are deep cleanse days – you refrain from regular food and replace it with a nutrient-rich cleansing drink (Isagenix Cleanse for Life). You also eat up to 6 little snack wafers that contain a blend of protein to help you keep your energy up.

Days 3 to 7 are devoted to intense nutritional replenishment. You replace two of your regular meals with a low calorie shake packed with high quality nutrition.

Days 8 and 9 are deep cleanse days again.

Every day you drink at least 8-glasses of water and take Isagenix Natural Accelerator – safe herbal formula that naturally enhances you body’s fat burning abilities.

If it is your first time doing an Isagenix cleanse it is recommended that you add two pre-cleanse days before starting your deep cleanse. Pre-cleanse days are the same as days 3 to 7 of the 9 days (two meal replacements). They help you body to better adjust to cleansing and get the most benefit out of you program. Adding pre-cleanse (which is always a good idea) brings total time on the program to 11 days.

Note that the 2-day deep cleanse is the most intense of the Isagenix cleansing schedules. It is not recommended as a first cleanse for people with medical problems.

How much weight you can expect to lose on the 9-Day Cleanse?

It is not possible to say in advance how much weight you will lose. It depends on many factors such as your age, gender, metabolic profile, discipline when following the program, stress levels, etc.

Isagenix cleanse coaches often say that you will lose as much weight as your body is ready to release safely in this specific time in your life. This can vary for different people. There have been clinical studies done on the Isagenix 9-Day Program that have shown an average 7 pounds weight loss during the 9 days.

It is important to remember that the weigh lost on the 9-day cleanse is mostly fat, not lean muscle. This is achieved by providing the highest quality easily absorbable whey protein as a part of the nutritional replenishment on days 3 to 7. Many diets result in losing both fat and lean muscle which is counterproductive for your long term weigh loss results since the more lean muscle we have the more easily we burn fat.

Because of the special attention given to protecting the body’s lean muscle mass and improving body composition the 9-day program will visually result in a more toned body when compared with many other weight loss programs.

Will I keep the weight off?

There is one important thing to understand when starting any weight loss program including Isagenix 9-Day System. There is nothing under the sun that can just “fix you” one time and stop any weight control problems forever. If your pre-program lifestyle was resulting in unhealthy weight gain and if you go back to the same lifestyle after the program you will sooner or later get the weight back.

If you are only interested in getting fast results for a specific event, than one or two back to back 9-Day Cleanses is you best choice. If you are looking for a long term weight control and wellness solution you might want to look into designing a lifestyle that includes ongoing cleansing, nutritional replenishment and antiaging. Isagenix nutritional cleansing technology has a proven track record of helping thousands of people to feel better, look younger, and keep weight off for years.

Consider consulting an independent Isagenix associate who can recommend the best long term wellness/weight loss solution for your specific situation.

9-Day Cleanse or 30-Day Cleanse?

9-Day Cleanse was the first of Isagenix Cleansing and Fat Burning Programs. It first appeared on the market in 2002, had great success, and still is a very popular choice.

Several years later Isagenix has developed a more advanced version of the program – 30-day cleanse. The 30 day package has enough meal replacement shakes to stay on the program for one month. It still has two bottles of Cleanse For Life (the same as 9-Day) which is enough for four cleanse days. These four cleanse days can be scheduled as in 9 days program (2 cleanse days – 5 days nutritional replenishment – 2 cleanse days) or spread more evenly during the month (1 cleanse day and 6 replenishment days every week).

Isagenix 30-Day Cleanse System also includes three additional products – a rejuvenating and restorative tonic Ionix Supreme with multiple adaptogens, a gentle colon cleanser IsaFlush, and electrolyte drink mix Want More Energy (has been recently renamed to Energenix in some countries). These new products allow further enhancing cleansing results and achieving a stronger overall balancing effect on the body.

The flexibility and cost effectiveness of the 30 day (it is more expensive, but you end up paying much less per day than with 9-Day) makes it a smarter buying choice even if your intention is to do a 9-day cleanse. With a 30 day package you get additional products, enough shakes for a month, pay less per day and can still follow a 9-day cleansing schedule.

You might still decide to go with the 9-Day Package. Usually people do it for financial reasons or just because they want a quick test before they can trust a product. In this case we recommend you add a bottle of IsaFlush to your package for enhanced experience.

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