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You will read about all things wellness: the latest scientific discoveries, secrets of natural health and beauty from around the globe, insights into functioning of the human body, advice on fitness and nutrition, anti-aging strategies, tips for creating a healthy home environment, and much more.


If you feel overwhelmed with the avalanche of wellness related advice in the media and don't know who to listen and who to trust you will love this newsletter because it is designed to bring you confidence and clarity.

We only send you reliable information, no fads or questionable miracle pills. Whenever we recommend something we also explain how it is backed up by modern health science or by traditional health systems. We also refer to our sources so you can make fully informed decisions and choices.


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Your newsletter subscription comes with a free 10 day course "Wellness 101". In ten days we will go over several foundational principles of creating and maintaining healthy mind and body at any age.

In all the wellness advice coming at you from all kinds of different sources you will find:
- some things that are really important and matter the most,
- some things that can help you to achieve your goals more effectively and save your time,
- some things that are Ok but will not do much of a difference,
- and some things that are just plain wrong.

The goal of the "Wellness 101" course is to help you to distinguish between those things. After completing the course you will be able to clearly see the true value of every new piece of wellness information you may come across in the future. You will know if you should disregard it as useless or add to the collection of your wellness tools further enhancing your "wellness intelligence".

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