Isagenix Cleanse Day

Isagenix cleanse day is one of the two building blocks of the Isagenix wellness programs. The second building block is Isagenix shake day.

A cleanse day is the time when you give your body a rest from all regular food and consume Isagenix Cleanse for Life drink (Nourish for Life in UK) designed to support your body’s own detoxification processes.

Cleanse days are complemented by shake days when you replenish your body with quality nutrients by drinking Isagenix Shakes and eating healthy food.

Cleanse days are an integral part of Isagenix wellness programs

Each Isagenix wellness program includes a specific sequence of cleanse and shake days. For example, the schedule for the 9 day deep cleanse is as follows: 2 shake days (also called pre-cleanse days) + 2 cleanse days + 5 shake days + 2 cleanse days. The schedule for the weekly 30 day cleanse calls for one cleanse day per week, other 6 days are shake days.

In this article we will focus only on Isagenix cleanse days. We will discuss different versions of a cleanse day and look into additional Isagenix products that can be used to enrich your cleansing experience.

Isagenix cleanse day protocol went through its three main incarnations since 2002. It has been first introduced by Isagenix as a part of the 9 Day Cleanse System, further enhanced with the introduction of the 30 Day Cleanse System, and later supplemented with various optional add-ons as more wellness products have been added to the Isagenix product line.

Isagenix cleanse day, version 1:
part of the original 9 Day System – the foundation

The very first Isagenix system was 9 Day Cleansing and Fat Burning System or 9 Day Cleanse for short. In these early days of Isagenix a cleanse day protocol existed only in it’s minimalistic version described below.

On a cleanse day you would stay away from all regular food and do the following:

     • Drink 4 ounces (half a cup) of the Cleanse for Life drink 4 times a day. At the time Cleanse for Life was only available as a liquid so that was the only option. These 4 times would replace 4 meals
     • Take two capsules of Isagenix Natural Accelerator – a stimulant-free product designed to support thermogenesis and boost metabolism with natural ingredients such as cayenne, cocoa seed, and green tea. The first capsule is taken at breakfast time and the second one at lunch time.
     • Take 6 Isagenix Snacks – small chewable wafers containing high-quality, undenatured whey and milk protein together with good fats and carbs. These snacks help to curb cravings and to keep appetite under control.
     • Drink 8 or more glasses of water

This version of a cleanse day is still used today by those who buy Isagenix 9 Day Cleanse package without any additional products. It still produces impressive results, but some very beneficial enhancements are now available.

Isagenix cleanse day, version 2:
part of the 30 Day System – an enhanced experience

The Isagenix 30 Day Cleanse System introduced two new products: an adaptogenic drink Ionix Supreme and a colon cleanser IsaFlush. Both turned out to be very helpful on cleanse days.

Ionix Supreme is a nutrient rich tonic that contains multiple adaptogens – natural substances highly revered by traditional herbal medicines around the globe for their healing properties. Adaptogens help human body resist stressors of all kind and have a balancing and normalizing effect on all body systems.

Ionix Supreme brought Isagenix cleanse to even higher level of effectiveness and was enthusiastically welcomed by Isagenix customers.

IsaFlush addresses a problem with occasional constipation experienced by some cleansers. Using magnesium and cleansing herbs this product promotes intestinal comfort and digestive regularity.

With the addition of these two additional products the Isagenix cleanse day instructions started looking as follows:

     • Drink an ounce of Ionix Supreme in the morning
     • Drink 4 ounces (half a cup) of the Cleanse for Life drink 4 times a day.
     • Take two capsules of Isagenix Natural Accelerator (at breakfast and at lunch)
     • Take 6 Isagenix Snacks throughout the day as needed
     • Take two capsules of IsaFlush shortly before your bed time
     • Drink 8 or more glasses of water throughout the day

The cleansing protocol above is our favorite and recommended version of the Isagenix cleanse day. All further additions to the cleanse day may add more comfort to your experience but are not necessary.

Isagenix cleanse day, version 3:
cleansing with add-ons – more bells and whistles

Over the years Isagenix developed many tasty and nutritious snack-type products such as protein bars, fiber cookies, etc. Though these products are mentioned as allowed cleanse day snacks in official Isagenix program manuals, their use is completely optional. In fact, most people do just fine without any extra snacks besides the six required Isagenix Snacks.

In our opinion the only add-on that can improve your cleansing experience and is worth considering is Isagenix Chocolate IsaDelight. This unique product has been designed to ease cravings, improve mood, and boost mental and physical performance. Besides delicious premium chocolate it contains a green tea extract, selected amino acids, and antioxidants. IsaDelight is a perfect addition to your program if you cleanse on days when you need to work intensively and perform at your best.

For those who can’t live without coffee there are some good news. Isagenix allows one or two cups of coffee on your cleanse day and suggests using their fair trade slow-roasted coffee with added green tea extract, trace minerals, and coconut oil.

How to have a perfect Isagenix cleanse day

Our recommendation would be to start with the second version of the cleanse day – the one with Ionix Supreme and IsaFlush. Adding one or two IsaDelight chocolates per day is a nice upgrade but not a necessary one, unless you are seriously fighting with cravings on your cleanse days.

To help you further optimize your cleanse days we created our Isagenix Cleanse Day Tutorial (it’s free and does not require any sign ups). We did our best to include many answers to frequently asked questions, troubleshooting advice, little know success tips, and more.

From the Isagenix Cleanse Day Tutorial you will learn:

     • How to map your cleanse days to your week,
     • How to create a home environment that makes your cleanse easier,
     • What to do in the evening before your cleanse day,
     • How to build a cleansing mindset,
     • Which additional activities can enhance your cleansing experience and results.

As you keep experimenting with Isagenix wellness programs you will find a version of a cleanse day that perfectly fits your lifestyle, goals, and personal preferences.

Which Isagenix products should you buy to do an Isagenix cleanse day

For best results Isagenix Cleanse Days should be done as a part of a complete Isagenix wellness system that combines both cleansing and nutritional replenishment.

Buying 30 Day Cleanse System is your best choice. It will allow you to do either 9 day protocol (most intense) or 30 day protocol (more relaxed) depending on your desired cleanse intensity. If your buy 30 Day System than there is no need to buy any additional products.

Though buying 9 Day Cleanse System is cheaper, it is less cost effective if you consider your cost per day and will not give you any additional products. If you decide to buy a 9 Day System, consider adding IsaFlush (IsaComfort in Canada and IsaMove in UK) especially if you are prone to constipation. This will enhance your cleansing experience. Adding Isagenix Ionix Supreme would be a great idea as well.

If you want to try an Isagenix cleanse day on its own, you will need Cleanse for Life and Cleanse Support Bundle that contains Isagenix Snacks and Natural Accelerator. One bottle or canister of Cleanse for Life will be enough for two cleanse days.

When you order your Isagenix products through the CleanseMasters Isagenix Store or through links on this website you become our valued customer and can request your personal Isagenix consultation by email or by phone. Our Isagenix support team consists of independent Isagenix associates with many years of experience. They would be happy to assist you with achieving your wellness goals.

Further reading

Isagenix Cleanse Day Tutorial is your best source if you are working on optimizing your cleanse days. For more information about Isagenix Cleanse please refer to our articles about, Isagenix 30 Day Cleanse System, and Isagenix 9 Day Cleanse System, as well as to the article that explains which Isagenix cleanse schedule would work best in your situation.

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