Isagenix Body Transformation Challenge

Last updated: January 2018

If your mind is set on creating the body you’ve always wanted then signing up for a body transformation challenge is one of the best decisions you can make.

Getting the results you want may require time and persistence. Participation in a body transformation challenge will make this journey easier and more exciting by providing inspiration, motivation and a sense of community.

IsaBody 2018 is open for registration

IsaBody Challenge is a body transformation contest held annually by Isagenix to showcase the power of Isagenix nutritional systems in combination with healthy food and exercise.

The contest is designed to provide its participants with a clear action plan and help them to carry out the work required to build the body of their dreams.

Below you will find “before” and “after” pictures of the IsaBody 2017 finalists.

IsaBody Finalists 2017
IsaBody Finalists 2017
IsaBody Finalists 2017

Who can participate

The challenge is open for all Isagenix members – customers and associates. That means that in order to participate in the challenge you have to open an Isagenix customer account and buy some products.

All participants are required to purchase and use a certain amount of Isagenix products during the challenge. The product purchase requirements are very reasonable – they are at the minimum amount you would want to buy anyway to support your results. Most participants choose to use more products than the minimum required amount.

How to register

To be eligible for IsaBody registration you have to be an Isagenix member. You will need to open an Isagenix online account and buy some products. Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1:

Go to the Isagenix Online Store, select your country, open an Isagenix account, and buy a 30 Day System (recommended). Preferred Customer or Associate accounts are both acceptable for the IsaBody registration.

Step 2:

Log in into your Isagenix account and find IsaBody under “Contests & Promotions”. Read the challenge Guidelines to find all the details official IsaBody information and the rules specific to your country. Make sure you are ready for your “before” picture. You may need to go out and buy a newspaper (from the list of recommended newspapers) with the current date.

Step 3:

Log in into your Isagenix account and find IsaBody under “Contests & Promotions”. Find the registration page, enter your information, and upload your “before” picture.

Is IsaBody available in my country?

IsaBody body transformation challenge is available in all 15 countries where Isagenix is officially open but prizes can be different in different countries. To check what prizes are offered in your country please select the country of your residence in the list below and we will show you the IsaBody rules that will apply to you.

Isagenix US
United States

Isagenix Canada

Isagenix UK
United Kingdom

Isagenix Ireland

Isagenix Netherlands
The Netherlands

Isagenix Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico

Isagenix Mexico

Isagenix Colombia

Isagenix Australia

Isagenix New Zealand
New Zealand

Isagenix Hong Kong
Hong Kong

Isagenix Taiwan

Isagenix Indonesia

Isagenix Singapore

Isagenix Malaysia

Need help registering for IsaBody or have a question?

If you need help with registering for the IsaBody challenge or have any related questions please send us a note through the link below and we will do our best to help.

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