Isagenix Cleanse Schedule Explained in Depth – Which Cleanse Option is Best for You?

When on Isagenix 30-Day Cleansing Program you can follow several different cleansing schedules from a deep cleanse to very gentle versions suitable for people with medical issues. This page will guide you through all possible Isagenix cleanse options.

Please note that the best way to choose the optimal cleansing schedule is to consult with your Isagenix cleanse coach – usually the person who provided you with the 30-day program.

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Our Isagenix consultants are always available to answer your questions.

Your Isagenix consultant/cleanse coach will ask you about your goals, timeline for achieving them, eating habits, your regular daily routine, overall health and, based on your answers, will recommend a cleansing protocol for your particular situation.

If you are deciding on your cleansing schedule yourself – below are the options you should be considering. Isagenix cleanse schedule can be very flexible. Choose the option which fits your lifestyle and comfort level.

Option #1: Deep Cleanse (2 Day Cleanse)

The deep Isagenix cleanse involves refraining from regular food for two days in a row. Your body uses this time to rest and restore. Your main food during this time is your multi-component cleansing drink Isagenix Cleanse for Life (also offered under the name Nourish for Life in some countries). The drink helps your body to release impurities while supporting your vital organs with revitalizing nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

Deep 2 day cleanse produces great results – after a couple of such cleanses you will feel like a new person!

The famous Isagenix 9 Day Cleanse – the original Isagenix cleansing program that has been on the market since 2002 – includes two deep cleanses separated by five days of nutritional replenishment. Many people choose to do a 9 Day cleansing protocol, i.e. a sequence of two deep cleanses with 5 shake days in between, once or twice a year.

Note that even during the deep cleanse when you do not take regular food for two days your body receives nutrients from your Cleanse for Life drink. This keeps your energy at a stable level, which allows you to carry on with your regular activities.

Option #2: 36-hour Cleanse (1 Day Cleanse)

This type of cleanse calls for only one day with no regular food. You eat your last regular meal (preferably your Isagenix shake) in the evening, spend the next day cleansing, and eat your next regular meal (or again, your Isagenix shake) in the morning of the following day.

A schedule with a 36-hour cleanse once a week is the most popular choice. Many people say that this routine allows them to be in their top shape mentally and physically every day and is an easy way to support lasting weight normalization.

Option #3: 24-hour Cleanse

24-hour cleanse is very similar to a 36-hour cleanse. The only difference is that after you eat your last regular meal in the evening, you spend most of the next day cleansing. Your next meal consisting of one Isagenix shake will be in the evening of your cleanse day. This one shake will be your only meal for this day. Some people feel that 24 hour cleanse option is the most comfortable long-term choice for them.

Option #4: Everyday Cleanse

Daily cleanse is the gentlest of all cleanses yet it is still effective. You are not required to stay away from food for prolonged periods of time – you just take 1 to 4 ounces (equals to 2 to 8 tablespoons) of Cleanse for Life drink or 1/2 to 2 level scoops of Cleanse for Life powder once every day.

Daily cleanse is the best initial choice for people with serious health challenges.

Many people achieve excellent results by combining everyday cleanse with one of the three more intense cleanses described above. As Isagenix consultants like to explain, a bit of cleansing each day aids the removal of surface-level impurities. Doing a deeper cleanse periodically helps remove embedded impurities and shed unwanted pounds.

Option #5: Nightly Cleanse

Nighttime cleansing is not that much different from the daily cleanse described above. Followers of the nightly cleanse schedule consume a two-ounce (or one level scoop) serving of Cleanse for Life each night before bed.

While you can receive benefits from Cleanse for Life at any time of day, having the product in the evening hours has its logic. Since the body is naturally fasting when you are asleep, adding nightly cleansing to your bedtime routine may maximize cleansing benefits by allowing Cleanse for Life to nourish your body and its detoxification system with antioxidant-rich botanical ingredients during this “mini-fast” when your body is likely to be in a more receptive state.

Which Isagenix Cleanse option will work best for you?

Here are some things to consider when choosing the length of your cleanse:

• If you never experienced Isagenix deep cleanse, it is worth trying! Consider doing a a 9 day cleanse protocol (2 cleanse days – 5 shakes days – 2 cleanse days) at least once. This is, of course, if you don’t have any serious health problems that would make this an unreasonable choice.

• Opt for more intense cleanses (deep or at least 36 hours) if your goal is to lose weight.

• Don’t overdo it! It is not recommended to do more than two 9 day cleanse sequences back to back (that would be four deep cleanses in a row, each followed by five days of nutritional replenishment with Isagenix shakes and healthy meals).

• If you are not comfortable with the idea of not eating regular food for a day or two you can start from a gentler cleanse, and later, when your body and mind adjust to the cleansing process, switch to a more intense version which will bring you to your goals faster.

• Remember that you can always switch to a gentler cleanse version by drinking a shake earlier than you originally planned. It is ok to work your way towards more intense cleanses slowly.

• It helps to be in touch with your Isagenix cleanse coach during your first several cleanses. Your coach might make small adjustments to your cleansing routine along the way to make sure that it is as comfortable and effective as possible.

• As with any nutritional or fitness program you should consult you certified medical professional before starting your cleanse program or making any other changes to your daily routine.

How to plan your cleanses within a 30 day program

Once you decided on the intensity of your cleanse you need to map your 30 day program to your calendar.

Remember a couple of simple rules when you plan your month:

• Follow each deep 2 day cleanse with 5 shake days for optimal nutritional replenishment.

• Always include a minimum of 2 shake days before your first 2 day or 1 day cleanse. These days serve as a “pre-cleanse”. They will help your to get better results and will enhance your cleansing experience. If you start with poor nutritional habits increase the number of “pre-cleanse” days.

Your cleanse days will usually fall on the same days of the week. Try to choose days when you are busy but not overloaded and when you have more control over your exposure to food temptations. For some people it will be easier to cleanse at work, for others their home environment would work better.

Plan your cleanse days in advance and mark them on your calendar. Below are two examples showing different versions of a standard 30 day program. Option A has four 1 day cleanses and Option B has two 2 day cleanses. Both versions work with a default set of products included in your 30 day package.

Isagenix 30 day program calendar with 1 day cleanses
Isagenix 30 day program calendar with 2 day cleanses
S – shake day, C – cleanse day, S** – pre-cleanse day (same as shake day)

Give your Isagenix 30 Day Cleanse an extra edge

If you are looking for a more intense cleansing experience you may want to try the calendar shown below. You will need to add an extra bottle (or container) of Cleanse for Life to your 30 Day package for the two extra cleanse days.
Isagenix 30 day program calendar with extra cleanses
S – shake day, C – cleanse day, S** – pre-cleanse day (same as shake day)

12 tips for a great cleansing experience

The following small tips can make a big difference during your cleanse days.
Cleansing tip #1
Spend some time before bed in the evening prior to your cleanse day tuning your mind to your upcoming cleanse experience. It is hard to overestimate the importance of this tip. With the right mindset you may find it easy to even if you have to cook for the whole family.
Cleansing tip #2
Drink plenty of water. Spread your water intake evenly throughout the day.
Cleansing tip #3
Make sure that your schedule allows for a good night sleep on your cleanse days.
Cleansing tip #4
Try to stay busy on your cleanse days. Find things to do outside of your home.
Cleansing tip #5
Carry your Isagenix Snacks or other small healthy snacks acceptable for cleanse days with you. This will eliminate the risk of you going into an overly hungry state when you would be prone to lose control and eat food that is not appropriate.
Cleansing tip #6
Avoid grocery shopping on your cleanse days. Buy all your food on non-cleanse days. Keep your mind free of food related thoughts as much as possible.
Cleansing tip #7
Remove all junk food from your kitchen. There is no need to test your willpower. Make it easier for yourself to stay on track by taking advantage of “Our of sight – out of mind” principle.
Cleansing tip #8
Let other people around you know that you will be cleansing on certain days and ask them not to offer you food and not to worry about you not eating. If necessary, send them some information about Isagenix so they would not worry about you.
Cleansing tip #9
Cleanse with a partner. Invite your spouse, other family member, or a friend to go on a 30 day program with you. It will be more fun to cleanse together. You can keep each other accountable and provide mutual encouragement and support.
Cleansing tip #10
It is always a good idea to drink your Isagenix shake as your first meal after the cleanse and the last meal before the cleanse to ease the transition. It is much harder to cleanse after a heavy meal.
Cleansing tip #11
It is beneficial to exercise on cleanse days, just lower the intensity. Listen to your body. Gentle stretching, walking in nature, and light yoga are perfect choices.
Cleansing tip #12
Add some additional wellness-promoting “extras” to your day if your schedule has some room for this. Spend a day in a spa, visit a sauna or a steam room, get a massage, or take a relaxing bath with essential oils.

Good luck with your Isagenix Cleanse!

Once you start your first Isagenix Cleanse you are likely to discover that it is easier than you imagined. Many people find cleansing days truly enjoyable due to the feeling of pleasant lightness and sometimes even a surge of new energy.

If this is your first cleanse consider taking you “before” and “after” pictures in addition to the body measurements that are recommended in your program guide. It is easy to forget where you started from. Your “before” and “after” pictures will help you appreciate your progress and notice subtle changes.

You may want to sign up for the IsaBody – Isagenix annual body transformation challenge – for some extra motivation and a chance to win cash, trips, and prizes.

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