*** How to register for the IsaBody Challenge

• The easiest way to join the Isagenix Body Transformation Challenge is to
request free assistance from an independent Isagenix associate and cleanse coach.

Your Isagenix associate will make sure that your application is correct and will advise you on the best selection of Isagenix products for your specific situation and your body transformation goals.

• ˜ If you want to register yourself then follow the steps below.

Step 1

Get your Isagenix ID and password.

To be eligible to participate in the IsaBody Challenge and to receive your ID and password you will need to open an account with Isagenix and buy your products. This is done online and takes a couple of minutes.

Your best choice when getting started is the 30 Day Cleansing and Fat Burning System. It is the most complete and flexible weight management system offered by Isagenix. The 30 day system is also the most cost effective program.

You can open your account and buy the 30 day system through the following link  (when on the page click on the “Sign Up and Save” button in the upper right):

Open your Isagenix online account and order a 30-Day Cleanse

You will be assigned an Isagenix member ID and password – write them down because you will need them to register for the weight loss challenge.

 Step 2

On your start day buy a newspaper and take “before” pictures of yourself.

You will need to take four full body photos in standing position: one frontal photo with a newspaper, one frontal photo without a newspaper, one profile and one rear photo without a newspaper. Use white or light solid background for the best visibility. The newspaper should be held in the hand away from the body. It will be used for verification of the date of the photo so the date or the headline must be visible.

You should use one of the following publications: USA Today, Globe and Mail or Sintao (for Canada), or El Nuevo Dia (for Puerto Rico). 

Step 3

Submit your IsaBody Challenge application form online. 

After taking your “before” photos you will have to submit your online application. This should be done no later than two weeks after the date on the photos. To submit the application go to the Isagenix website and click on the “Associate Log In” link in the top right corner. Enter your ID and password (from step 1 above) and you will get access to the member area of the website.

Find IsaBody registration under My Team in the top menu and fill in the short application form. You will need to enter your start date, full name, gender, birth date, weight, and height.

Step 4

Click on the link below to receive the IsaBody 2012 Information Package –  your complete guide to the Isagenix body transformation challenge.

Request your free IsaBody Challenge 2012 Information Package now.

In addition to the registration information (also provided on the page you are currently reading) the guide contains other information and resources you will need during your IsaBody competition period:

    • Isagenix online workouts videos
    • Daily live Q&A call with clinical nutritionist and specialist in stubborn weight loss
    • Weekly IsaBody mentor conference call featuring last years’ IsaBody winners and health/fitness experts
    • Tips on how to take the best “after” photos and write a winning essay
    • Instructions for submitting your results to Isagenix at the end of the competition period

 The guide comes in a PDF format so you can save it for future reference.

Step 5

Once you’ve registered and ordered your IsaBody 2012 Information Package you can start (or continue) your cleansing and fat burning program.

Your 30 day system will come with a program guide and a DVD that explains the nutritional cleansing technology – make sure you review both. You can also find additional resources and guides on the 30 Day System page of the Isagenix website (look at the links on the right side).

Follow the instructions as close as possible to ensure best results.

• ˜ Refer to your IsaBody 2012 Information Package (you should have received it on Step 4) for additional information such as extra resources you can use and rules for  submitting your final results.

• ˜ If you have any questions about the weight loss challenge or Isagenix cleansing and fat burning technology in general – your best resource is your independent Isagenix associate.