Isagenix Online Store FAQ

If you are buying Isagenix product for the first time, please read the information below – it will help you with the decisions you will be making during the ordering process.

Retail or Wholesale?

You can buy Isagenix products retail or wholesale. Difference in retail and wholesale prices may be significant (up to 50% in some cases).

In order to buy Isagenix products wholesale you will need to open an account with Isagenix for 39 USD. If the retail price of your intended purchase differs from the wholesale price by more than 39 USD you can save money by opening an Isagenix account prior to making the purchase.

Isagenix Rewards Program

Opening Isagenix account allows you to buy Isagenix products wholesale. Isagenix Rewards Program allows you to lower prices even more (below wholesale), pay less for the Isagenix account, and get access to additional promotions.

To be eligible for the Isagenix Rewards Program you will have to open an Isagenix account and set a monthly delivery also called auto-ship. That means that Isagenix products of your choice will be delivered to your doorstep every 30 days unless you chose a different frequency. You can always change products you want to receive or reschedule your shipment online. You can also cancel your auto-ship at any time by phoning Isagenix customer service.

If you chose to join rewards program at the time of opening you Isagenix account the account will cost you $29 USD instead of $39.

Since Isagenix Rewards Program provides most savings and at the same time is very flexible we recommend it as the smartest buying option.

Associate or Preferred Customer?

In the process of opening an Isagenix wholesale account you will be asked if you want to be an associate or a preferred customer. Both have the same price privileges. The only difference is that associates can receive referral fees from the company if they recommend Isagenix products to someone and preferred customers can’t.

If you will be registering as an associate then there is a chance that Isagenix is going to send you money. By law Isagenix is required to collect SSN in US and date of birth in Canada from everyone who can potentially receive money from them. You do not have to provide your SSN or date of birth if you are opening your account as a preferred customer.

Unless you are specifically opposed to getting referral fees, it makes sense to open your account as an associate – you never know who will be impressed with the results you will be getting and want to try Isagenix products. Since you will be bringing Isagenix more business – why not accept the gratitude from the company?