Complete Your IsaBody Registration:
Steps 2 & 3

If you are reading this page you should have already completed Step 1 of the IsaBody registration – opening an online account with Isagenix, choosing your username and password, and buying your Cleansing and Fat Burning System. If you did not buy your system yet, please return to Step 1. If you have an Isagenix account you can now complete your registration.

Choose the day when you want to start the challenge and proceed with steps 2 & 3.

Step 2

On your start day buy a newspaper and take four “before” pictures of yourself.

You will need to take four full body photos in standing position: one frontal photo with a newspaper, one frontal photo without a newspaper, one profile and one rear photo without a newspaper. Use white or light solid background for the best visibility. The newspaper should be held in the hand away from the body. It will be used for verification of the date of the photo so the date or the headline must be visible.

• Use one of the recommended publications: USA Today, Globe and Mail or Sintao (for Canada), or El Nuevo Dia (for Puerto Rico).

Step 3

Submit your IsaBody Challenge registration form online.

No later than 2 weeks after the day you took the “before” pictures you will have to submit your online IsaBody application. To do this, you will need to log into your online Isagenix account.

Go to the Isagenix website and click on the “Associate Log In” link in the top right corner. Enter your Isagenix username and password (from Step 1 above) and you will get access to the member area of the website. Choose ”Contests & Promotions” in the top menu, then scroll down to IsaBodyChallenge and click on “View Contest”.

When on the IsaBody page, press “Start New Contest” button. Enter your start date and your date of birth, then enter you height & weight and upload your four “before” pictures.

• Remember that your start date is the date when you took the before pictures – it must be no more than 2 weeks earlier and no later than the date you submit the application.

Once you are registered…

Start (or continue) your cleansing and fat burning program

Your Isagenix System will come (or already came) with a program guide and a DVD that explains the nutritional cleansing technology – make sure you review both.

Follow the instructions as close as possible to ensure best results.

Review the IsaBody rules and stay qualified

Please review the IsaBody official rules at the IsaBody Official website and make sure you stay qualified for all the prizes:

  • Comply with product buying requirements
  • Every month submit your results online to participate in the monthly draws for free products
  • Know the deadlines for submitting your “after” pictures and the essay. You can see your personal deadlines on your IsaBody page on the Isagenix website (log in the same way you did on the Step 3 above)
  • Good luck!
    We are looking forward to seeing you among the winners!