Mind Matters

If you want to be at your best it is important to take care of your mind as well as your body. At CleanseMasters we believe that the reality you create around yourself begins in your mind. In order to achieve your ideal life you must start with you mind.

Product Reviews: Ionix Supreme by Isagenix

Isagenix famous restorative and rejuvenating tonic Ionix Supreme has been envisioned by its creator John Anderson as a “has it all” miracle in a bottle. The most potent natural remedies, gems of traditional health systems such as Ayurveda, Chinese herbal medicine, and others have been sourced from their places of origin and combined in a […]

Shilajit – legendary elixir of youth and health

Shilajit has a reputation of being the most powerful anti-aging and rejuvenating substance ever known to humankind. It is believed to increase the core energy responsible for sexual and spiritual power as well as to slow down the process of aging and prolong life…

Can Adaptogens Make You a Superhuman?

The same natural remedies that have been helping Soviet Olympic athletes to achieve top results and Soviet astronauts to adapt to the challenges of space flights may be just what you need to balance your mind and body as well as enhance your ability to handle mental, emotional, and physical stress…