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Which Whey Protein Type Do You Need? Whey Protein Isolate vs. Concentrate vs. Hydrolysate

If you have researched different protein sources in protein supplements and decided to go with whey based products you are on the right track. Superior amino acid profile, great taste, and multiple health benefits of whey protein make it the most popular consumers’ and manufacturers’ choice when it comes to meal replacement shakes, protein powders, […]

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Sources of Protein in Protein Supplements – Which Shake, Bar, or Powder is Best for You?

If you are interested in optimizing your nutrition, chances are that at some point in time you may find yourself in a health food store looking at the endless shelves of protein supplements and trying to decide which one to choose. If you feel confused you are not alone. The number of protein supplements available […]

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Weight Loss Challenge 2013-2014 by Isagenix
Create Your Best Body Ever and
Win up to $25,000.00

If your mind is set on creating the body you’ve always wanted then signing up for a weight loss challenge is one of the best decisions you can make. Getting the results you want may require time and persistence. Participation in a weight loss challenge will make this journey easier and more exciting by providing […]

Homemade Sauerkraut – Fast and Easy Recipe

Unlike traditional sauerkraut that takes several weeks to prepare this fast homemade sauerkraut is ready in just 3 or 4 days and has all the benefits of fermented foods. It is more crunchy, juicy, and colorful than the traditional version. We are not sure where this recipe originates from, we got it from Russia where […]

Greek Yogurt: The New Old Health Food

Greek yogurt became popular in  North American food culture not so long ago. It soon earned high regard of many health enthusiasts. Its unique nutritional content can help you lose weigh and build lean muscle the healthy way. In the meantime, its thick creamy texture will not make you feel like you are on a […]

University Study: Can the Vitamix blender give your body access to hidden plant nutrition?

If you are trying to eat healthy, you probably pay close attention to how much nutrients particular foods contain. It seems to be the ultimate measure of how well you eat. Very few people stop to think about how much nutrients their body actually receives, and this is a question definitely worth asking. It seems […]

Meal Replacement Shakes – a Healthy Choice or Chemical Cocktails?

Many people feel that protein shakes and meal replacement shakes are not a healthy food choice because in a way they are not a natural food. The truth is – high quality protein and meal replacement shakes can provide nutritional value and health benefits unattainable through traditional healthy food. Talk to anyone who looks healthy, […]

Nutritional Cleansing – Healthy Lifestyle in a Box

Are you toxic? Watch this video to understand the benefits of nutritional cleansing and how to get your own ‘healthy lifestyle in a box’.

Product Reviews: Isagenix 9 Day Cleanse

Isagenix 9-Day Deep Cleansing and Fat Burning System (also called Isagenix 9-Day Cleanse or Isagenix 9-Day Program) may very well be the fastest yet safe and good for your body weight loss program in existence. Though the benefits of the program go far beyond just the weight loss, it is often the fast body transformation […]

Product Reviews: Vitamix 5200 / Total Nutrition Center

Imagine yourself… starting your morning with a freshly made delicious green smoothie, having a bowl of homemade vegetable soup with a couple of slices of homemade whole grain bread in the afternoon, enjoying a homemade low fat blueberry ice cream as a mid afternoon snack, and finishing the day with the wholesome version of your […]