Can Adaptogens Make You a Superhuman?

Imagine that we happened to gather practitioners of all traditional medicines and health systems from all sides of the world in one room. What if we would ask each of them to name one natural remedy that has the most profound positive effect on the overall functioning of the human body?

It is guaranteed that they all will have different answers. Another thing which is nearly guaranteed though is that the remedies they name would most probably all belong to the same group – adaptogens.

What are adaptogens?

Adaptogens are natural substances found in a few rare plants and herbs that shield the body against the impact of all kinds of stress. This protective effect is achieved by balancing and harmonizing the body’s systems. Adaptogens display a unique ability to regulate both over-activity and under-activity of organs and systems of the body returning them to normal function.

Adaptogens are not in the food we normally eat, and must be added to the diet through supplementation. They are by definition natural and safe, and can be used regularly without any side effects.

What can you expect from adaptogens?

It can be difficult to explain the specific effects of the adaptogens, since they will influence every person differently. The best answer to the question “What will I get from adaptogens” is “You will get what your body needs”.

If you are mentally tired and continuously physically fatigued adaptogens will help you feel more energetic, strong, and mentally revitalized – but yet, they are not stimulants.

If however you are stressed-out, emotionally exhausted, and are not able to cope with life’s demands the adaptogens will help you relax and feel that you are in control again – yet they are not tranquillizers or antidepressants and will not have a drug-like effect on your body.

If you are a professional or recreational athlete interested in improving any kind of sports results adaptogens will help you to achieve the peak of your performance – yet they are not doping substances and can be used at any sports competitions including the Olympics.

Adaptogens are able to produce such “miracle-like” effects by working at the cellular level and optimizing the body’s regulation mechanisms and usage of energy. Their unique health benefits and safety have been proven not only by thousands of years of usage in traditional medicines but also by extensive scientific research in different countries.

Massive scientific studies of adaptogens were performed in the former Soviet Union in the second half of the last century. These studies involved hundreds of scientists and many thousands of research participants. The research results were so persuasive that for many decades adaptogens became Russians’ secret weapon in international sports competitions.

The Soviet Olympic program has primarily focused on achieving results without using drugs. Using adaptogens provided top Soviet athletes with a competitive advantage by ensuring better performance, endurance, stamina, strength, recovery, muscle development, immune resistance, and adaptation to changes in climate, time zones and altitude.

Using adaptogens has long been an important part of the health program designed for Russian astronauts. Adaptogen based formulas help astronauts’ bodies and minds to adapt to stressors that are inevitable in a space flight, such as extreme accelerations, vertigo, weightlessness, limited living space, and prolonged inactivity.

To get a better idea about what adaptogens are capable of and what specific benefits they can provide have a look at our posts about Shilajit and Eleuthero. Both have been used for centuries. Shilajit has a reputation of the most powerful antiaging and rejuvenating substance in existence and Eleuthero has been shown to do wonders for physical and mental performance.

You might not be an Olympic athlete or an astronaut but your body is also experiencing all kinds of physical, intellectual, and emotional stress on a regular basis – this is just an inherent part of modern civilization. Historically our bodies are not well equipped to handle ongoing intense stress – that is why the number of stress-related diseases keeps climbing. Sometimes we are not able to reduce the amount of stress in our life but we can make our body much more resistant to its effects with the help of adaptogens.

If you are interested to see how your body will respond to adaptogens we recommend trying Ionix Supreme by Isagenix. Ionix includes several well known adaptogens (including mentioned earlier Shilajit and Eleuthero) as well as other botanicals and mineral substances which are not formally classified as adaptogens but display similar properties, such as being safe if used regularly and addressing multiple issues at once. Like adaptogens, they also belong to the “golden fund” of one or many traditional medicines from all over the globe. For more information about this product see Product Reviews: Ionix Supreme by Isagenix.

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