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Isagenix CanadaIsagenix is very popular in Canada. Thousands of Canadians use Isagenix products daily. Due to the high demand Isagenix has built two warehouses in Canada – one in Ontario and another one in Alberta. This allows for a quick delivery anywhere in Canada.

Where to buy Isagenix in Canada

You don’t have to leave your home to buy Isagenix. You can order your Isagenix products online right now to get them shipped from the closest Canadian warehouse and delivered to your doorsteps.

Follow the link below to the official Isagenix Canada store to place your order.

Order Isagenix in Canada

Once on the Isagenix Canada website you will see two options close to the top right corner of the screen – “Buy Now” and “Sign Up and Save”. Choose “Sign Up and Save” to get access to discounts and wholesale pricing.

Isagenix Canada FAQs

Below are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about Isagenix Canada.

What types of Isagenix accounts are available in Canada?

The following account types are offered in Canada:
• Customer: no annual fee, 10% off retails pricing on every order
• Customer on Autoship (monthly shipment): the same as Customer plus additional 5% off on any Isagenix pak and system.
• Preferred Customer: $39 CAD annual fee, 25% off retail pricing on all orders
• Preferred Customer on Autoship (best value): discounted $29 CAD annual fee, 25% off retail pricing on all orders, additional 5% off on any Isagenix pak and system.
• Associate: $39 CAD or $29 CAD (if on autoship) annual fee, 25% off retail pricing on all orders, 5% off on any Isagenix pak and system if on autoship. Account holders can participate in Isagenix referral program and compensation plan. Please note that an Associate Account is only available as an upgrade from a Customer or Preferred Customer account.

To open your Isagenix account click on the link below and select “Sign Up and Save” option in the top right corner of the screen.

Open Your Isagenix account in Canada

Are all Isagenix products available in Canada?

Canadian product selection is the closest to the US full selection. Only a few products are still not available in Canada.

Will I pay in USD or in CAD if I am buying Isagenix products in Canada?

In July 2015 Isagenix switched its sales in Canada from USD to CAD. All the prices you will see in the Isagenix Canada Online Store as well as in the Canadian Isagenix catalog and Canadian Isagenix price list are in Canadian Dollars.

Do I need to pay any customs fees for Isagenix shipment to Canada?

Since Isagenix is officially open for business in Canada, and your Isagenix products will be shipped from a Canadian location, there will be no any import taxes, customs duties or fees associated with your shipment.

How can I join Isagenix as a Canadian independent associate?

Canada is one of the countries where Isagenix follows a “Customer First” policy. To become an Isagenix associate in Canada you will need to open a Canadian Preferred Customer account and order some Isagenix products. After this you will be able to switch to an associate account.

Follow the link below to open your Isagenix Preferred Customer account (choose “Sign Up and Save” option).

Open a Preferred Customer Account and Buy Isagenix in Canada

Need help or have questions?

If you have any problems with placing an Isagenix order in Canada please send us a note through the link below and we will do our best to help.

Request assistance with your Isagenix Canada order

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