About CleanseMasters


About CleanseMasters

At CleanseMasters, as the name implies, we are about cleansing. 

Internal body cleansing  is one of our specialties. We write about all forms of fasting,  juice cleanses, yoga-based cleansing procedures, different systems of nutritional cleansing, and so on, but we do not stop there.

We focus on cleansing in a wider sense and in all of its aspects since we believe that the concept of cleansing has a multitude of applications in our lives.

For every new beginning you have to clear the space first.

First you have to allow yourself to see what is not working, what is standing in the way, what is obstructing your vision, what is fruitlessly consuming your resources, what no longer serves you.

Then it is time to Cleanse, Release, Resolve, Purify, Let go

And only when the cleansing is complete, when you’ve regained the space, the freedom, the lightness then the time comes to Rebuild, Restore, Rejuvenate, Revitalize, Replenish, and Create.

The cycle of cleansing and creation is everywhere.

Cleansing comes in different forms and exists on different levels:

  • Releasing excessive weight and building a healthy, slim and fit body
  • Cleansing your internal systems and organs from toxins and  impurities and infusing your newly cleansed cells with revitalizing nourishment to achieve new levels of health and performance
  • Clearing your mind from disempowering thoughts and developing productive mental habits leading to success and happiness
  • Cleansing your home environment from invisible chemical and electromagnetic pollution and turning your home into a wellness oasis for your family
  • Cleaning up physical clutter around you and creating beautiful living and working spaces
  • Freeing up the energy tied up in your past and getting access to you full mental, physical and spiritual potential
  • Breaking free from toxic relationships and unhealthy attachments and attracting loving and supportive friends and partners
  • Clarifying the bigger picture of your life and setting clear goals and priorities that will bring you to your dreams faster
  • Letting go of mental patterns and beliefs that hold you back
  • Clearing blockages in hidden energy pathways allowing abundant energy flow through your body and your life

All forms and shapes of cleansing followed by creating beauty, longevity, health, energy, and happiness – that is what the CleanseMasters website is about.

In our extensive database of articles you will find timeless healthy lifestyle basics, sound nutrition and fitness advice, secrets of natural beauty and antiaging, cutting edge advancements in health and wellness sciences, the richness of alternative healing traditions both ancient and modern, effective techniques for inner work and personal development.

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We are looking forward to being a part of your cleansing journey!

The CleanseMasters Team