Isagenix 30-Day Cleanse – What Cleansing Schedule Will Work Best for You?

When on Isagenix 30-Day cleansing program you can follow several different cleansing schedules from a deep cleanse to very gentle versions suitable for people with medical issues.

The best way to choose the optimal cleansing schedule is to consult with your Isagenix cleanse coach – usually the person who provided you with the 30-day program. Your cleanse coach will ask you questions about your goals, timeline for achieving them, eating habits, your regular daily routine, overall health and, based on your answers, will recommend a cleansing protocol for your particular situation.

If you are deciding on your cleansing schedule yourself – here are the options you should be considering.

Deep cleanse

Deep cleanse involves refraining from regular food for two days in a row. Your body uses this time to rest and restore. Your main food during this time is your multi-component cleansing drink (Isagenix Cleanse for Life). The drink helps your body to release impurities while supporting your vital organs with revitalizing nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

Deep cleanse produces unbelievable results – after a couple of such cleanses, separated by several days of nutritional replenishment, you will feel like a new person! Many people choose to do a sequence of two deep cleanses once or twice a year.

36-hour cleanse

This type of cleanse calls for only one day with no regular food. You eat your last regular meal in the evening, spend the next day cleansing, and eat your next regular meal in the morning of the following day.

A schedule with a 36-hour cleanse once a week or once in two weeks is the most popular choice. Many people say that this routine allows them to be in their top shape mentally and physically every day and is an easy way to support lasting weight normalization.

24-hour cleanse

24-hour cleanse is very similar to a 36-hour cleanse. The only difference is that after you eat your last regular meal in the evening, you spend most of the next day cleansing. Your next regular meal will be in the evening of your cleanse day. Some people feel that this cleanse option is the most comfortable long-term choice for them.

Everyday cleanse

Everyday cleanse is the gentlest of all cleanses yet it is still very effective. You are not required to stay away from food for prolonged periods of time – you just take 2 to 8 tablespoons of the cleansing drink once every day. It is the best start up choice for people with serious health challenges.

Many people achieve excellent results by combining everyday cleanse with one of the three more intense cleanses described above. A bit of cleansing each day aids the removal of surface-level impurities. Doing a deeper cleanse periodically helps remove embedded impurities and shed unwanted pounds.

Note that even during the deep cleanse when you do not take regular food for two days your body receives nutrients from your cleansing drink. This keeps your energy at a stable level, which allows you to carry on with your regular activities.

Many people find cleansing days truly enjoyable due to the feeling of pleasant lightness inside and sometimes even a surge of new energy.

More things to keep in mind when on Isagenix 30-Day Cleanse:

  • When choosing your cleansing schedule opt for more intense cleanse (deep or 36 hours) if your goal is to lose weight.
  • If you are not comfortable with the idea of not eating regular food for a day or two you can start from a gentler cleanse, and later, when your body and mind adjust to the cleansing process, switch to a more intense version which will bring you to your goals faster.
  • It helps to be in touch with your Isagenix cleanse coach during your first several cleanses. Your coach might make small adjustments to your cleansing routine along the way to make sure that it is as comfortable and effective as possible.

As a final note, I have to say that as with any nutritional or fitness program you should consult you certified medical professional before starting your Isagenix 30-Day Cleanse or making any other changes to your daily routine.

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