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If you are going to buy Isagenix products it is important that you do it right!
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If this is your first time ordering Isagenix products please read all the information on this page. This will help you to avoid the common mistakes people make when they buy Isagenix and will make sure that you receive:

  • The lowest prices for Isagenix products
  • Isagenix full 30 day money back guarantee
  • Shipping directly from an Isagenix warehouse closest to you in United States or Canada

If you are familiar with the Isagenix pricing system and buying procedure and just want to order your Isagenix products now, you can skip explanations on this page. Please proceed with your purchase by following one of the links below. All the links will take you to the official Isagenix online store.

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•  Buy Isagenix 30 Day Cleanse System

•  Buy Isagenix 9 Day Cleanse System

•  Buy Isagenix IsaLean Shakes

*** To buy other Isagenix products please enter the Isagenix online store by clicking on any one of the three links above, choose “Products” in the top menu, and browse through different categories of products.

Where to buy Isagenix: choose the right place

Isagenix is a direct selling (network marketing) company. That means it distributes its products exclusively through its own network of customers/representatives. In Isagenix they are called “independent associates”.

Many Isagenix representatives have websites and sell Isagenix products online. Others prefer traditional direct selling. There are things for you to keep in mind in both scenarios.

Any Isagenix purchase that you make online has to be processed through the Isagenix official online store, the same way it is done on this website. This ensures that your purchase is registered with Isagenix and you can count on Isagenix customer support, fast shipping with a tracking number, and a 30 day money back guarantee.

Never buy Isagenix on eBay, similar online auctions, or random websites that do not direct you to the Isagenix online store. This way of selling is prohibited by Isagenix company policies and potentially can create many problems for you. This can include, for example, delayed shipping, unexpected customs fees, and the inability to use the Isagenix 30 day money back guarantee. You may even receive expired products.

When you buy Isagenix directly from an independent associate that means that the associate bought Isagenix products in the Isagenix online store in advance and now is reselling them to you. It is a legitimate way to sell & buy Isagenix. Just make sure that your Isagenix associate will be available to help you in case you decide to return your products and that you are given an overview of all available pricing options (there are several).

Buy Isagenix for less: understanding Isagenix pricing system

By choosing a pricing option that suits your goals best you can save a lot of money, especially if you are planning to use Isagenix products long term.

There are three different pricing tiers for all Isagenix products:

• ˜ You can buy Isagenix retail. This is the most expensive way to buy Isagenix products. Please note that though Isagenix recommends certain retails prices for all its products (and you get these prices in the Isagenix online store), individual representatives are allowed to set their own prices when they sell directly to a customer.

˜ •  You can open an Isagenix wholesale account and get access to wholesale prices for all products. Such an account will cost you $39 US for one year.

˜ •  You can open an Isagenix wholesale account and join the Isagenix Rewards Program. The program is free to join and requires setting an automated monthly shipment – “autoship”. This will give you additional discounts on Isagenix programs and product packs and will also lower your account fee to $29 instead of $39. This option gives you the lowest possible prices – the same prices that Isagenix representatives pay to buy their products.

In most cases the difference between wholesale and retail prices will be bigger than the cost of the account therefore opening the account will save you money. Do not be scared of the commitment to monthly shipments – Isagenix Reward Program can be easily cancelled at any time by phoning the Isagenix Customer Care department.

Can you save money when you buy Isagenix wholesale?

Though opening an account and joining the Rewards Program usually allows you to buy Isagenix much cheaper than retail, the actual savings will depend on the size of your order. You can calculate how much money you can save depending on what you are going to buy.

To see a difference between different pricing options for all Isagenix products please refer to the latest Isagenix Catalog & Price List. Scroll to the end of the catalog to see all the prices. Wholesale, retail, and rewards prices are referred to in the catalog as “Associate”, “Sug. Retail”, and “Rewards” respectively. Note that though the price list title reads “U.S. Price List” the same prices (in US dollars) are in effect in both Canada and United States.

The Isagenix price list shows that if you are, for example, planning to buy 30 Day Cleansing System ($383 retail, $308, wholesale, and $269 rewards) it makes a lot of sense to open a wholesale account and join the Rewards program. You will pay $29 for the account but save more than $100 by buying wholesale with an additional discount.

You can also see that if you want to buy just one product then opening an account will not help you to save much money on your first purchase.

Two types of Isagenix wholesale accounts – which one to choose?

If you decide to buy wholesale keep in mind that Isagenix offers two types of wholesale accounts: associates account and preferred customer account. Both cost the same ($39 US without autoship and $29 with autoship).

The difference is that if you are a holder of an associate account you are eligible to receive money from Isagenix. If you refer a new customer to the company they will pay you referral fees. If you are interested – at least as a possible option in the future – to do Isagenix as a home based business, then you should open an associate account. In United States you will need to provide you SSN when opening such an account – this is required by law. In Canada providing you SIN is optional.

If you are a preferred customer you will have access to the same pricing privileges as all Isagenix associates but you will not be paid if you refer someone to Isagenix. A preferred customer account can be transformed into an associate account at no additional charge within a year from the date you created it.

Do you need a blender?

All of the Isagenix programs include Isagenix famous meal replacement shakes and you will need a blender to mix them with water. If you do not have a blender you can buy one in the Isagenix store (look under “Accessories”).

Now you are ready to proceed with your Isagenix purchase!

Buying through the links provided below will ensure that your order will be processed by the Isagenix official online store. Your products will be shipped from the closest Isagenix warehouse in United States or Canada and you will be eligible for the Isagenix 30 day money back guarantee.

Click on the link for the product or program you want to buy. You will be able to add more products before the checkout.

To buy retail click on the blue “Buy Now” button when on the product page. To open a wholesale account click on the green “Sign Up and Save” button and follow the instructions.

Buy Isagenix

•  Buy Isagenix 30 Day Cleanse System

•  Buy Isagenix 9 Day Cleanse System

•  Buy Isagenix IsaLean Shakes

*** To buy other Isagenix products please enter the Isagenix online store by clicking on any one of the three links above, choose “Products” in the top menu, and browse through different categories of products.

Still have questions about how to buy Isagenix?

If you have any questions or need assistance with your Isagenix purchase please contact one of our Isagenix wellness coaches.